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인스파이어1 Inspire1 전용 ND Filter 3종 세트 출시된다

첫번째 필터는 폴러라이저 편광필터 빛을 감소시켜 명암과 색상을 증강시키는 필터

두번째는 2-stop ND필터 하이라이트 부분을 감소시키고 부드러운 영상을 얻을수 있는 필터

세번째는 3-stop ND필터는 아주 빛이 강한 날 사용하면 좋은 영상을 얻을수 있는 필터

위 3가지 필터가 1세트로 판매되는데

아주 가벼워서 8.2그램(polz) NS's는 7.2그램

선예도 높은 해상도의 영상을 구현한다


PolarPro Polarizer Filter (Glare Reduction):

The Polarizer Filter reduces the large amount of glare bouncing off the ground and water when filming from an elevated perspective.  While also improving color saturation and contrast, the Polarizer allows the camera to capture the best quality possible.

PolarPro Neutral Density 2-Stop:

This 2-Stop Neutral Density (ND) filter reduces the camera’s shutter speed while keeping the exposure the same, making it the most common filter for filming from the sky.  Ideal for smoothing out quadcopter video and rolling shutter, this 2-Stop ND filter reduces lens flare while shooting into the sun, and toning down highlights on mildly bright days.

PolarPro Neutral Density 3-Stop:

The 3-Stop ND Filter is designed for filming in very bright conditions and giving you more control over shutter speed. We use this filter most when filming near snow, or on extremely bright days. 


가격은 69.99 달러


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