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폴대 장착 고프로 gopro 핸드 Gimbal - Glide Gear Scopio 3 Axis Gopro Gyro Stabilizer

Glide Gear Scopio 3 Axis Gopro Gyro Stabilizer은

폴대에 장착하거나 헬멧에 장작할 수 있는 gimbal이다

차량이나 선박 보트 등에 고프로 gopro 액션카메라 악세사리를 활용해서

장착한다면 3축 gimbal의 안정된 영상을 얻을 수 있다

헬멧에 장작한 모습이다


- Brushless motor driving and world`s top servo motor controller system makes it more smooth and easy.
- Super CPU, advanced controlling computer system and strong torque make your shooting flat, stable and smooth.
- Big torque.It can extend all accessories for GOPRO.
- Simple design makes gimbal more nimble.
- It is easy to carry due to its compact and light weight.
- GOPRO Camera is not included

Items Min Standard Max Remarks
Working Voltage 6.8V 8.4V 12.6V
Working current 50mA 120mA 2A
Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy +-0.01 0.04
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy +-0.1 +-0.2 +-0.5
Pitch Angle -180 0 +180 Vertical
Roll Angle -45 0 +35
Heading Angle -150 0 +150 Vertical
Heading Angle -50 0 +50 Horizontal
Pitch Following Rate 1/Sec 50/Sec
Heading Following Rate 1/Sec 80/Sec
Battery time 3h 4h 5h 900mAh x 2
Weight 285g (Without battery& camera )


Package includes 
1x 3-Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer
1x Camera Holder
2x M2.5x9mm screws with hand
4x M2.5x19mm screws with hand
1x 18350 LOPO Battery charger
2x 18350 LOPO Battery
1x Micro USB Charger Cable
1x user manual

1x Helmet Mount

1x Pole Mount

가격은 $289.99


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